Do you have a travel insurance policy? Don’t travel at all!!

Most people consider travel insurance as a luxury. It is sad but true that most of us consider the necessity of life as a luxury. Why do we travel? The answer is simple but it may differ from one person to another. People have different requirements for travel. Here are some common reasons for people to travel:

a) Relaxation
b) Visiting distant friends and family
c) Business
d) Recreation
e) Emergency
f) Official tour
g) Personal tour

The most common reason for travel is entertainment. People visit places to take a break from the usual mundane routine of life. Now, isn’t it necessary to take care of certain emergencies you may face while traveling. Absolutely necessary! A emergency can strike anytime. You require taking care of certain emergencies you may face during travel. This will let you enjoy a hassle-free trip. Peace of mind while traveling is priceless.

There are several things a person can include in to a trip. Trip may consist of adventurous activities such as skiing, hiking, snorkeling, skating, trekking, paragliding, scuba diving etc. You may also require visiting to remote areas and facing certain unforeseen events.

Here is a list of certain emergencies an individual may face while traveling.
a) Flight delays
b) Flight cancellation
c) Loss of baggage
d) Loss of cash
e) Trip cancellation
f) Personal injury
g) Accident
h) Medical evacuation
i) Medical transportation
j) Death

Facing an emergency at an unknown country is not easy. You would require spending a lot of money. This will make you deprive of the money you have saved for yourself. Travel insurance policy will help you enjoy a lot of covers including health medical, evacuation, flight and other facilities. In short, travel insurance plan provides you peace of mind while traveling.

a) Cancellation of trips:
Here are some common types of coverage with typical travel insurance policies:

This is the most common coverage provided by an insurance company. It covers all types of non-refundable payments from airlines and other types of transportation route.

b) Medical expenses:

Most insurance policies provide covers for medical costs for treatment in hospitals, road ambulance etc.

c) Delay of trips:
There are certain expenses that can result due to delay of trips. These expenses will be covered in your travel insurance policy.

d) Personal liability:
A travel insurance policy covers a legal liability claims made by others against you for certain reasons.

A travel insurance policy will let you enjoy your trip well.